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Emerging Trends

Long-term wealth is built by catching the emerging trends early! Invest 10 Minutes a Week and

I will give you the analysis of the next big trend that you can use in your future investing!

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Sankar Sharma - Investing Authority

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Every week I give you a tactical 10-minute video analysis on 'Emerging Trends that can build long-term wealth'. This will help you spot opportunities before the public spot them. I made it super simple, and affordable, It's just $99 $9 a month and you can cancel any time before the next billing cycle.


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Emerging Investing Opportunities to build long-term wealth:

  • Tech Trends
  • Sector Trends
  • Market Trends
  • ESG Trends
  • Commodity Trends
  • Currency Trends
  • Economy Trends plus a lot more...
  • Investing for Stagflation
  • Investing for Inflation
  • Investing for Recession
  • Investing during volatility

Modules Ready For Consumption

WEALTH TRENDS - Electric Vehicle (EV) Trends

  • EV Outlook for the next 10 years
  • Top performing Electric vehicle stock players
  • Racing car, passenger car , van and two wheeler EVs
  • Combustion engine players becoming leading EVs


  • Electric Vehicle Take off and Landing EVTOL Stocks
  • Listed EVTOL companies that are making money already and no one has noticed yet
  • Existing big companies pivoting to EVTOL
  • Different EVTOL markets that has been targeted

Electric Vertical Take off and landing vehicles

WEALTH TRENDS - Autonomous Vehicle Trends

Wealth trends Autonomous vehicle

  • Autonomous vehicle stocks not on public radar
  • Low priced high growth autonomous vehicles
  • One provider that is selling shovels in the gold rush
  • Autonomous vehicles that are also into AI - Artificial intelligence
  • Self driving all purpose car with home office, entertainment centre, a lounge, metaverse display system and AI powered concierge

WEALTH TRENDS - How To Get 3X Returns When Markets are Tanking

  • Fast opportunities when markets are going down
  • How to find and take advantage of these opportunities
  • Type of accounts you need for tax free income
  • List of key ideas

WEALTH TRENDS - Sector Trends for 2022 Quarter 1

wealthtrading sector trading

  • Top Sectors to focus in 2022
  • Value or Growth? Where to invest
  • Top stocks in the top sectors to watch
  • Priority list of sectors to focus
  • Top Stocks that are performing well against the falling markets

EV Batteries

  • Leaders in EV Battery tech
  • Future demand
  • EV battery tech disruptors yet to be listed in the market

Artificial Intelligence - AI

  • Leaders in AI
  • Advances in AI
  • AI stocks that are yet to be in profit
  • Major problem with this AI stock

Space Race

  • Top stocks in Space Race
  • Exchange traded funds to keep an eye
  • SPAC - Special purpose acquisition vehicles to avoid

How You Too Can Make Your Child A Millionaire

How to make your child a millionaire
  • The #success story
  • Road Map
  • Exact Steps to implement
  • How To Make Your Child a Millionaire
  • How To Get There Faster

How it all started?

More content for your business means more blog posts, product descriptions, social ads, and whatever your brand needs to sell more and scale fast. Consistent and quality content is a roadblock for a lot of businesses online, but with a North Star content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

Our Investing and trading students, students we mentor, our wall street friends, my family and friends, well-wishers, people I meet, everyone keep asking us about the next big thing, next wealth opportunity, how to position in the market, what to buy, sell or hold, what is the current market trend, what is the next disrupting company, next big IPO, which exchange traded fund is looking amazing, what is economy going to do, what markets are going to do and ton of more questions.

We do lot of research and forecasting on daily basis. So, we thought why not we make this research available to help everyone to make money and build generational wealth. So here is ‘Wealth Trends’ our extensive research using sector rotation model, technical analysis, value analysis, sentimental analysis, our own proprietary methodology, market forecasting and hexagonal framework.

Why Invest in Wealth Trends?
We provide you with Investing ideas based on Market trends, Sector Trends, Tech-trends, ESG (Environmental, Social and governance) Trends, Currency, and commodity trends. We also discuss Disruptors that are shaping the future of business as well Economy updates from around world to help your investment and Wealth strategies thrive!

  • Wealth building using Tech Trends:

Spotting emerging trends is an essential part of staying on top of your game. When you notice a new technology or idea before others do, it gives the opportunity for exponential growth and wealth creation! Imagine if you were an early investor and spotted opportunities like Tesla, Amazon, Meta, Moderna, Apple, Bitcoin before anyone else? What would your portfolio and wealth accumulation look like today? We will be covering NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, AI – Artificial Intelligence stocks, Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, EV Batteries, Crypto, De-centralized Finance, and tons of not to miss ideas.

  • Wealth building using Sector Trends:

In the markets, sector rotation happens all of time. If you can spot a leading sector before it becomes popular then there is an unfair advantage, right? In January our students took advantages of this and made money in Energy and Finance sectors -this will be huge for anyone who knew about this advance notice! Imagine what possibilities exist if you were aware enough to invest ahead?

  • Wealth building using Market Trends:

The markets are always changing. They experience both growth and decline, but they never stand still for long! During covid crash there was a huge opportunity to pick stocks at a bargain price for example Ford was selling at $5 a share! But to be able to pick that stock at that price, you would require a time-tested strategy and a forecasting model. We track market moves using our market forecasting model. Irrespective of your portfolio size knowing this information could have grown your money better than putting it in a bond or in the bank. How does tax free sound?!

  • Wealth building using Disruptive Trends:

Disruptive tech is waiting to take over the world, but which stocks look juicy? For example: Autonomous AIR taxis are ready for take off! Have you heard of gene therapy yet or how it can help with your health issues? Buy now pay later trend is disruptive.
Web 3.0 could be disruptive. First, we had Web1.0 where we had evolution of software and hardware that changed the way we do things, helped companies and individuals to be more productive and get rid of paper. Then we had Web 2.0 consumer things, internet, modern phones, social media etc. Now we are heading to Web 3.0 where Industrial things are going to be joining Internet of things and will get a brain in the form of Artificial intelligence. Trends here will be more lucrative. Imagine knowing potential opportunities in the disruptive trend way ahead of the public.

  • Wealth building using ESG Trends:

The environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing trend is picking up stream. When you invest in ESG there are no consistent parameters for comparison among ratings; it makes choosing winners/losers even more difficult! You need to know what trends will be successful so that your money isn't wasted on a losing project or company." For example, in 2020-21 focusing on Solar paid off very well.

  • Wealth building using Commodity Trends:

If you had known that copper, steel and lumbar were going up in 2020-21 then maybe your portfolio would have been different right? On the contrary in 2020-21, if you knew Rubber price is going down you would have a contingency plan in place and avoid going under or pivoted to a different business. Right? Many Entrepreneurs would have saved Billions of dollars in lost opportunity and some even would have prevented bankruptcies. Isn’t knowing this worth a lot of money?

  • Wealth building using IPO Initial Public offering Trends:

Many companies come to market looking for funding. Some shine, some sparkle, and some bite the dust. We do our due diligence, identifying 5-star potential winners like Snowflake stock which raised eyebrows with its successful IPO last year. We are always on lookout for new opportunities so that you don't have to miss out!

  • Wealth building using Currency Trends:

The current high prices of goods and services will eventually lead to rate hikes. This creates unbelievable opportunities if you know where they're going. This can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs looking forward because it helps them build wealth now while also mitigating risk by focusing on imports or exports depending upon their business model; this may even work with currency differentials (i.e., when there's fluctuation between two currencies).

  • Wealth building using Economy Trends:

Economy goes through Contraction and Expansion. In each stage various financial decisions are taken and impacted. The un-informed lose what they have and the informed builds wealth during these periods. Economic trends are important for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Inflation is high. How does it impact the market and the pocket? How should one take advantage of it and what to avoid etc.?

  • Wealth Trends Why Now?

We used to provide this service to our high-end clients and to our platinum students. But, due to inflation hitting historic prices, cost of living and Covid affecting many families, we thought we will do our share of good by providing value at an affordable price so that you can build a strong future for your children, Gen Z can protect themselves from getting trapped in wrong investments and losing money, businesses going from under if possible.

PS: It's time to get excited about wealth building opportunities again! Join me on this journey as we take advantage of the upcoming trends before they skyrocket and crush markets with an unfair advantage. Act today while prices remain low - it will be worth your while in every way possible!