6 DAY Boot Camp

Learn How To Conquer India Stock Market

Surplus Plus Bootcamp

Sunday, July 18th 2:30 PM India Time

Seats are Limited and We Get Full Every Time We Offer This So If you Snooze You Lose

Runs for 1 hour everyday for 6 Days

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During this SIX Day Jam Packed Event, You'll Learn:

  • How To Find Highly Profitable and Probable Stock Opportunities
  • How To Research, Analyse and Validate Your Stock
  • 3 Ways to analyse a stock deep dive
  • When To Buy and When To Sell
  • How To Read Chars Like a Professional
  • How To Leverage using Options
  • How To Understand Financial Press
  • How To Place Orders to Enter, Exit in Profit and To Minimise Loss
  • How To Minimise Risk of Losing and Maximise Your Returns
  • How To Plan For Profits using Battle Tested Strategies
  • How To Find a Best Broker
  • Which software to use both Paid and FREE
  • How To Avoid Blunders
  • Learn not only about stocks but also about options
  • Plus Much much more

Replicate results Not Blunders.

Each Day is filled with Power packed content full of actionable information delivered by best in the industry. Each session starts at 2:30 PM and ends at 3:30 PM India Time.


Foundation Day - VALUE INR 12,000

Foundation is key to super success. We will kick start the day with a clarity road map. You will get overview to stock market. Understanding Economic numbers and how to use them to your advantage.


Opportunity , Research, Validate and Analyse - VALUE INR 18,000

In this session You will learn how to spot potential stocks, How To Research, How To Analyse and How To Validate your idea.


When To Buy and Sell, Strategies for Success - VALUE INR 50,000

Learn How To Read Price Charts Like An Investment banker. Learn When to Buy and When To Sell


How To Use The Financial Press & Mindset Management - VALUE INR 12,000

Learn How To Understand and make use of Financial press. How To Manage Your Mind and How to protect from greed of over action and fear of inaction. You will learn about how to deal with Fear of Missing out and Fear of losing etc


How To Manage Your Capital, Your Trade, Your Risk & Rewards - VALUE INR 30,000

If you don't know how to manager risk, Trade and capital you are gambling your money and throwing it in the fire.


Planning Trades, Tracking, & Growing - VALUE INR 30,000

This is the most important session where we bring everything together for you.


You Just Pay Rs 5,000

Your are in safe hands.

Learn From The Certified, Qualified and Expert Mentor with 32 plus years of Stock Market Experience



Learn First So The You Can Earn Next. Avoid Trial and Errors. Save Money and Save Time. Learn From The Professional.



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Sankar Sharma , MBA , MSTA

Investing and Trading all ideas

Sankar Is Investing Expert and Market Strategist

Sankar helps Individuals and Institutions Spot Opportunities and Manage Risk so that they can grow their wealth in abundance. Sankar is also an Author , Educator and International Speaker.

Sankar helps ordinary Traders and Investors Achieve Extra Ordinary Outcomes. Sankar's Objective is to help you minimise your blunders and help you to be a consistent in your trading and investing.

Why should you listen to Sankar?

Sankar has abundance of Market Experience and Expertise, 32 plus Years of Trading and Investing Experience to be precise. He can help you, by giving you, the skills you need to build lasting wealth and help you become a top trader or a confident investor or both. He can help you go from Limited or no knowledge of trading, totally scared of the jargon or feeling uncertain and self-doubting to a Transformed Trader or investor who knows exactly what to do, when and how. You will know exactly what to do, when to do, how to do Most Importantly Because of his vast experience he can help you cut thru crap and fluff, Give You the Precise Information You Need. He has seen, Traded, Invested Thru More Recessions, Ups and downs then an average Investor or Trader out there.

When you can learn from 'The Best', That is us. Why settle for less?!

Sankar as the CEO of RiskRewardReturn.com - Mentors Private Traders and Investors. His firm offers Technical analysis on Daily and Weekly Analysis. Sankar is the author of the book 'Stock Trading Made Simple'.

He is the creator of '3R Methodology (TM)' - Risk based approach to trading and investing Global Markets. Sankar is sought after speaker, he helps Traders to master the markets and achieve consistency. Sankar is also an accredited Member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts, his company offers consultancy services, individual and group training for Traders, Investors, offers Customised corporate solutions. Specialties: Ichimoku , Candlestick Analysis, Volume Profile, Auction Market Theory, Equity Futures, Options, Financial Futures, Commodities and Energy Markets, Bond Futures, Forex, Foreign Exchange; Market Commentary, Technical Analysis Training, Mentoring, Seminar speaking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is my course delivered?

Your course will be delivered via online. There is no travel involved you will take the courses from the comfort of your home

Q2. Do I need to pay for reattending the course?


Q3. What happens if i fail to attend the class?

We seriously suggest that you attend every class. If you can't we do provide the recordings at no extra cost. We are good like that even though it costs us more to stare than the price of this course.

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